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Learn to ski like a pro on the beautiful mountain slopes!

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This has been tested on over 2,500 skiers over the two years. We have taken the exact techniques from several Angel Fire’s pro skiers on what works best in their training and put it in this one course. Lessons for All Ages and Levels. Do you want to effortlessly fly down slopes through powder? Ski Lessons of Angel Fire teaches the 10-Point Learning System. A system recommended by the U.S. -Russian Consulate General.
Now is a perfect time. Experience the thrill of Skiing.

End The Frustration and Falling NOW. YES! You can be absolutely UNSTOPPABLE on a Ski. By learning this system, you are going to take out the frustration, lack of confidence, the falling, and the mediocrity. Angel Fire Snowboard Lessons of Angel Fire, NM will customize your instruction. Are you Ready to Have a Blast!?
  • What a Beginner Will Learn
  • How To Use The Board For Transportation
  • Basic Maneuvers (Powerslide, Taking a Chairlift, etc)
  • Learn to Carve
  • Learn How To Balance
  • Downhill, Cruising, or Slalom
  • Downhill Safety

Our Instructors

Jacob W

Experience - 15+ Years

Great for Families

Third season of ski instruction. First season snowboard instruction. PSIA Level 1 Alpine current. Attempting Level 1 Snowboarding Children’s Specialist Level 1 and Alpine Level 2.

Christopher L

Experience - 11+ Years

Great for Kids and Teens

I am an experience snowboard Instructor. Also capable of instructing on Ski’s as well. My focus when teaching is building a solid skill set for the skiier or rider so that they have all of the tools and skills necessary to conquer advanced skills and terrain safely.

Why Angel Fire in New Mexico is Ideal for Ski Lessons:

Vertical Drop: Angel Fire Resort features an impressive vertical drop of approximately 2,000 feet, providing skiers and snowboarders with exhilarating descents and varied terrain.

Terrain Diversity: With 560 skiable acres, the resort caters to all skill levels, featuring everything from gentle slopes for beginners to challenging runs for advanced skiers.

Snowmaking Capability: Angel Fire Resort has excellent snowmaking capabilities, ensuring consistent and quality snow conditions throughout the ski season.

Where to Ski - For Beginners:

Pony Express: Located near the base area, Pony Express is a beginner-friendly area with gentle slopes, making it perfect for those new to skiing.


Many of our lessons start here.

Lil’ Blue Run: This dedicated learning area provides a comfortable space for beginners to build confidence with specialized instruction.

Where Our Beginner Lessons Usually Take Place

Typically, beginners will start our lessons near Lift #2, just outside of the main lodge.

Must to Ride - For Intermediate Skiers:

Ridge Run: Intermediate skiers can enjoy Ridge Run, offering a mix of groomed trails and a more challenging experience while maintaining a comfortable pitch.

Dreamcatcher: This area provides a variety of blue-square runs, making it an excellent choice for intermediate skiers looking for diverse terrain.

For Kids and Families:

Penguin Play Yard: Perfect for families, this dedicated area features tubing and snow play, providing additional entertainment for kids.

Clients Testimonial


Group of adult beginners hitting the slopes at Angel Fire in New Mexico with Ski Instructor Tom B.! 🎿 Meet students Brandon, Karen, and Sarah, all 50 years young, conquering both Greens and Blues runs, with their favorite being the resort’s longest 3-mile run. Discover the thrill of skiing in New Mexico’s breathtaking landscapes!

More than Skiing:

Parking: Ample parking is available at the base area, ensuring easy access to the slopes.

Dining After Your Ski Lessons:

The Summit Haus: Located at the summit, it offers stunning views and a diverse menu, making it a popular spot for post-ski dining.

Elements at the Country Club: Situated at 10 Miller Lane, this restaurant provides a relaxed atmosphere and locally inspired cuisine.

Relaxation After Skiing:

Elements Spa: Located at the Country Club, the spa offers a range of treatments for relaxation and rejuvenation.

After Hours Tubing: For a unique experience, check out the evening tubing sessions for added family fun.

Local Attractions:

Vietnam Veterans Memorial State Park: Explore the nearby Vietnam Veterans Memorial State Park at 34 Country Club Dr for a poignant and historical visit.

Enchanted Circle Scenic Byway: Take a drive along this scenic byway to enjoy the stunning landscapes of the area.

Angel Fire Ski Area Address

71 Valley Rd, Angel Fire, NM

Where MySkiLessons Meet & Start

We meet outside of the base lodge for your first lesson (This is near Lift #2, the beginner slopes and the tubing hill). When ready, we take you down your first beginner trail.

When Lessons Take Place at Angel Fire

7 days a week, at your time.  However, be sure to book well in advance.  Instructors book up quickly, especially for weekends.

Angel Fire Investment: (Full equipment rental available)
Private Lessons (Offered at Angel Fire ) – From $87.50/Student/Lesson
Group Lessons From $69/Student/ Lesson  

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