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Welcome to Our Ski Training

Learn to ski like a pro on the beautiful mountain slopes!

This has been attended by over 2,500 skiers over the two years. We have taken the exact techniques from several Steamboat Ski Resort’s pro skiers on what works in their training and put it in this one course.

Lessons for All Ages and Levels.
YES! You can be absolutely UNSTOPPABLE on skis. By learning this system, you are going to take out frustration, the slow-trick learning, and the mediocrity.

Skiing is one of the most amazing sports in the world!
Do you want effortlessly fly down slopes through powder? Ski Lessons of Steamboat Ski Resort teaches the 10-Point Learning System. A system recommended by the U.S. -Russian Consulate General.

Now is a great time.

Experience the lesson on a fresh snow day! Experience the bliss of an experienced skier.
Fun and Satisfaction are Guaranteed!

  • What a New Rider Will Learn
  • How To Use The Board For Transportation
  • Basic Maneuvers (Powerslide, Taking a Chairlift, )
  • Learn to Carve
  • Learn How To Balance
  • Downhill, Cruising, or Slalom
  • Downhill Safety

Why Howelsen Hill is Unique for Skiing?

Oldest Operating Ski Area in North America: Howelsen Hill, located in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, holds the distinction of being the oldest continuously operating ski area in North America, dating back to 1915.

Olympic Heritage: With a rich Olympic history, Howelsen Hill has produced more winter Olympians than any other ski area in North America, showcasing its legacy as a training ground for elite athletes.

Scenic Setting: Nestled in the Yampa Valley, Howelsen Hill offers a picturesque setting with stunning views of the surrounding mountains, providing a quintessential Colorado skiing experience.

Insights For Beginners:

Face and Headwall Areas: Beginners can start on the Face and Headwall areas, which offer gentle slopes and well-groomed terrain, providing an ideal environment for those new to skiing and snowboarding.

MySkiLessons School Programs: Howelsen Hill offers ski school programs for all ages and skill levels, ensuring that beginners receive expert instruction and guidance.

Our Clients

An unforgettable day on the slopes with Pro Ski Instructor Andrew T. 🎿 Witnessing the incredible progress of these 5 amazing teenage girls (ages 16-18) in group ski lessons at Howelsen Hill Ski Area was truly inspiring! 🏔️ From beginners to confidently navigating the Poma lift in just a few hours, Andrew’s 11 years of teaching expertise and unique methods made it all happen.
Slowing down with parallel moves, stopping with a quick shift to perpendicular, and mastering the art of pizza shape skiing – these girls embraced it all! 👏 No reliance on poles, just pure balance, and the basics of S-shape skiing for that smooth glide down the slopes. A day filled with laughter, learning, and newfound skiing skills.

Best Areas for Intermediate Skiers and Snowboarders:

Tenderfoot and Stampede Trails: Intermediate skiers can explore the Tenderfoot and Stampede trails, which offer a mix of blue-square runs and varied terrain for skill progression.

Alpine Slide: In the warmer months, the Alpine Slide provides a unique thrill for intermediate riders, offering a different type of downhill experience.

For Pro Skiers and Snowboarders:

Expert Terrain: While Howelsen Hill caters to a broad range of skill levels, advanced skiers and snowboarders can challenge themselves on expert terrain, including the Nordic jumps and steeper runs.

Nordic Skiing Facilities: Howelsen Hill is renowned for its Nordic skiing facilities, providing opportunities for advanced cross-country skiers to train and compete.

Tips for Kids and Families:

Soda Pop and Lil’ Rodeo Areas: Specifically designed for children, the Soda Pop and Lil’ Rodeo areas offer a safe and enjoyable space for kids to learn and play in the snow.

Winter Carnival: Families can enjoy the annual Winter Carnival, a Steamboat Springs tradition that features a variety of winter activities and events, creating a festive atmosphere for all.

Before and After Skiing in Howelsen Hill:

Parking: Convenient parking is available at the base of Howelsen Hill, allowing easy access to the ski area.


Carl’s Tavern: Located at 700 Yampa St, Carl’s Tavern is a local favorite known for its pub-style fare and craft beer selection.

Creekside Café & Grill: Situated at 131 11th St, Creekside Café & Grill offers a cozy atmosphere and a diverse menu, making it a great choice for après-ski dining.

Relaxation After Skiing:

Old Town Hot Springs: Unwind at Old Town Hot Springs (136 Lincoln Ave), featuring natural hot springs and various pools, providing a relaxing experience for visitors.

Strawberry Park Hot Springs: Located just outside Steamboat Springs, Strawberry Park Hot Springs offers a tranquil setting with rustic pools surrounded by nature.

Other Entertainment:

Main Street Shopping: Explore the charming shops along Main Street in Steamboat Springs, offering a variety of boutique stores and local treasures.

Steamboat Art Museum: Visit the Steamboat Art Museum (807 Lincoln Ave) to explore regional art exhibits and cultural displays.

Local Souvenirs:

F.M. Light & Sons: Discover Western-themed souvenirs and apparel at F.M. Light & Sons (830 Lincoln Ave), a historic store with a wide selection of cowboy boots and gifts.

Steamboat Springs T-Shirts: Pick up Steamboat Springs-themed T-shirts and memorabilia at local shops along Lincoln Avenue.

Howelsen Hill Ski Area Address

137 10th St, Steamboat Springs, CO

We meet outside of the base lodge for your first lesson. When ready, we take you down your first beginner trail.

Steamboat Ski Resort Investment: (Full equipment rental available)

Private Lessons (Offered at Steamboat Ski Resort ) – From $87.50/Student/Lesson

Group Lessons From $69/Student/ Lesson

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