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Learn to ski like a pro on the beautiful mountain slopes!

You can learn Skiing completely in 2 weeks! This class has been tested on over 2,500 skiers over the two years. We have taken the exact techniques from several Killington’s pro skiers on what works in their training and put it in this course.

Lessons for All Ages and Levels.

Want to effortlessly fly down slopes through powder? Ski Lessons of Killington teaches the 10-Point Learning System. A system recommended by the U.S. -Russian Consulate General.

Now is a perfect time.
Experience the lesson on a fresh snow day! Experience the thrill of Skiing.

End The Frustration and Falling NOW.
YES! You can be absolutely UNSTOPPABLE on a Ski. By learning this system, you are going to take out frustration, lack of confidence, the falling, and the mediocrity. Killington Snowboard Lessons of Killington, VT will customize your instruction.

Fun and Satisfaction are Guaranteed!


  • New Rider Curriculum
  • Weight Distribution
  • Learn To Balance
  • Downhill, Cruising, or Slalom
  • How To Use The Board For Transportation and Bomb the Steeps
  • Basic Maneuvers (Power slide, Fast Turns, Ski Turns, etc)
  • Intermediate (Moguls, Glade technique, Pole Planting)
  • How to Ride the Half pipe, Get air, Grind, and do Tricks


Our Clients


Exploring the slopes with precision and joy! 🎿 26-year-old Caroline Cai from NYC enjoyed a private ski lesson at Killington Ski and Snowboard Resort with Pro Ski Instructor Joy M. Especially thrilled by the Cruise Great Eastern run—the longest trail on the mountain—Caroline raves about her experience: ‘Taking a ski instructor was the best decision! Joy showed me the ropes and helped me conquer new challenges. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to make the most of their time on the mountain.’

Killington Address

4763 Killington Rd, Killington, VT
We meet outside of the base lodge for your first lesson. When ready, we take you down your first beginner trail.

Killington Investment: (Full equipment rental available)

 Private Lessons (Offered at Killington ) – From $87.50/Student/Lesson
 Group Lessons From $69/Student/ Lesson

Killington in Vermont is known for its diverse terrain suitable for skiers of all levels. Here are some recommendations for beginners, intermediate skiers, and families with kids:

Slopes For Beginners:

Snowshed Area: The Snowshed area is designed for beginners and is equipped with gentle slopes and easy-to-navigate trails. The Snowshed Lodge offers a base for new skiers, including a learning area and magic carpet lifts.

Ramshead Area: Ramshead is another excellent zone for beginners, with a dedicated learning area and terrain suitable for building skills. The Ramshead Lodge is a family-friendly facility with amenities for both beginners and their families.

Areas For Intermediates:

Killington Peak: The Killington Peak area provides a range of intermediate trails, offering a mix of groomed cruisers and more challenging runs. The K-1 Express Gondola provides access to this area, and skiers can explore diverse terrain from the summit.

Skyeship Area: The Skyeship Gondola services intermediate trails with varying degrees of difficulty. It’s a great area for those looking to progress beyond the basics while enjoying scenic views.

For Kids and Family Riders:

Snowshed Adventure Center: In addition to skiing, the Snowshed Adventure Center offers activities for kids, including tubing and a terrain park. It’s a great spot for families with children of different ages and interests.

Ramshead Adventure Park: This park is perfect for young skiers looking for a bit of excitement. It includes features like small jumps and rollers suitable for kids honing their skills.

Tips from Locals:

Parking: Killington has multiple parking lots. For convenience, the K-1 Base Lodge and Ramshead Base Lodge offer parking, and shuttle services are available from nearby accommodations.


Killington Peak Lodge: Located at the summit, it offers breathtaking views along with dining options.

Ovations Restaurant: Found at the K-1 Base Lodge, it provides a variety of dining choices.

Relaxation After Ski:

The Wobbly Barn: A popular après-ski spot for relaxation and entertainment, located at 2229 Killington Road.

Killington Grand Spa: For a more serene experience, the spa at Killington Grand Resort offers relaxation and rejuvenation.

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