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Learn to ski like a pro on the beautiful mountain slopes!

This has been tested on over 2,500 skiers over the two years. We have taken the exact techniques from several Montana Snowbowl’s pro skiers on what works in their training and put it in this course.

Lessons for All Ages and Levels.

Want to effortlessly fly down slopes through powder? Ski Lessons of Montana Snowbowl teaches the 10-Point Learning System. We are recommended by the U.S. -Russian Consulate General.

Now is a great time.

End The Frustration and Falling NOW.
YES! You can be absolutely UNSTOPPABLE on a Ski. By learning this system, you are going to take out the frustration, lack of confidence, the falling, and the mediocrity. Montana Snowbowl Snowboard Lessons of Missoula, MT will customize your instruction.

Are you Ready to Have a Blast!?


  • Curriculum
  • Proper Weight Distribution
  • Learn To Balance
  • Downhill, Cruising, or Slalom
  • How To Use The Board For Transportation and Bomb the Steeps
  • Basic Maneuvers (Powerslide, Fast Turns, Ski Turns, etc)
  • Intermediate (Moguls, Glade technique, Pole Planting)
  • How to Ride the Halfpipe, Get air, Grind, and do Tricks


Why Montana Snowbowl in Missoula, MT is So Popular:

Regional Charm: Nestled in the Lolo National Forest, Montana Snowbowl offers a quintessential Montana skiing experience with stunning mountain views and a rustic, back-to-nature atmosphere.

Historical Roots: Established in 1961, Montana Snowbowl has a rich history as one of the oldest ski areas in Montana, contributing to its authentic and time-tested appeal.

Elevation and Terrain: With a base elevation of 5,430 feet and a summit elevation of 7,600 feet, the resort provides diverse terrain, including groomed trails, challenging bowls, and gladed areas.

For Beginners - Chair 2 Area:

Ideal for beginners, the Chair 2 Area offers gentle slopes and well-groomed trails, providing a comfortable environment for those new to skiing.

Areas For Intermediate Skiers:

Powder Park: Intermediate skiers can enjoy Powder Park, featuring a mix of blue-square runs with varying degrees of difficulty. It offers a great balance of challenge and enjoyment.

Paradise Area: This intermediate area provides skiers with diverse terrain and beautiful scenery, making it a favorite for those looking for a more adventurous experience.

Slopes For Pro Skiers:

East Bowl and West Bowl: Expert skiers can explore the East Bowl and West Bowl, offering challenging terrain, steep pitches, and deep powder for an exhilarating and advanced skiing experience.

Glades: Montana Snowbowl has gladed areas that attract expert skiers seeking tree skiing and off-piste adventures.

For Kids and Families:

Marmot Run: Montana Snowbowl has dedicated areas for children, including Marmot Run, providing a safe and fun environment for young skiers to learn and play.

Tubing Hill: The resort features a tubing hill, offering a thrilling activity for families looking for some snow-filled fun.

Montana Snowbowl Specifics:

Parking: Ample parking is available at the base area, ensuring convenient access to the slopes.


Last Run Inn: Located at the base area, it offers a cozy atmosphere and a variety of food options, making it a popular spot for post-ski dining.

Missoula Restaurants: Explore local favorites in Missoula, such as The Pearl Cafe (231 E Front St) or The Notorious P.I.G. (247 W Front St), for diverse culinary experiences.

Relaxation After Skiing:

Gild Brewery: Located at 3220 Brooks St, Gild Brewery provides a relaxed atmosphere for post-ski socializing and locally brewed beers.

Missoula Hot Springs: Unwind at 1720 Brooks St, offering hot springs pools for relaxation after a day on the slopes.

Other Entertainment:

University of Montana: Attend cultural and sports events at the University of Montana, located at 32 Campus Dr.

Downtown Missoula: Explore the vibrant downtown area for shopping, art galleries, and entertainment, with popular spots like the Roxy Theater (718 S Higgins Ave).

Local Souvenirs:

Montana-made Crafts: Visit the Missoula Carousel Gift Shop (101 Carousel Dr) for unique, locally crafted souvenirs.

Huckleberry Products: Pick up huckleberry-flavored treats and products, a local favorite, available at various stores in Missoula.

Montana Snowbowl Address

1700 Snowbowl Road, Missoula, MT
We meet outside of the base lodge for your first lesson. When ready, we take you down your first beginner trail.

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Montana Snowbowl Investment: (Full equipment rental available)

 Private Lessons (Offered at Montana Snowbowl ) – From $87.50/Student/Lesson
 Group Lessons From $69/Student/ Lesson

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