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Learn to ski like a pro on the beautiful mountain slopes!

You can learn Skiing completely in 2 weeks! This class has been attended by over 2,500 new skiers over the past two years. We have taken the exact techniques from several Sunday River’s pro skiers on what works best in their training and put it in this one course.

Sunday River Ski Resort: Unparalleled Alpine Bliss in Newry, Maine

Nestled in the heart of the picturesque town of Newry, Sunday River Ski Resort stands out as a premier winter destination in Maine. When compared to other ski resorts in the state, Sunday River offers a unique blend of extensive terrain, vibrant atmosphere, and family-friendly appeal. Let’s delve into the pros and cons, explore the diverse skiing options, and discover the local insights that make Sunday River a top choice for winter enthusiasts.


Expansive Terrain: Sunday River boasts eight interconnected mountain peaks, providing an extensive and varied skiing experience.

Snowmaking Capability: With one of the most advanced snowmaking systems in the country, the resort ensures optimal skiing conditions throughout the season.

Family-Friendly: Featuring dedicated learning areas, kids’ programs, and a welcoming atmosphere, Sunday River is ideal for families.


Weekend Crowds: During peak times, the resort can experience increased visitor numbers, leading to slightly longer lift lines.

Best Areas for Different Skill Levels


For Beginners/First-Time Skiers: Stick to the South Ridge area, specifically the Sundance and Dream Maker trails, for gentle slopes and beginner-friendly terrain.

For Intermediates: Explore the North Peak area, with runs like Cascades and Ecstasy offering a perfect blend of challenge and enjoyment.

For Experts: Head to the terrain off the Jordan Bowl, particularly the infamous White Heat trail, for exhilarating expert-level skiing.

Recommended Slopes for Different Occasions

  1. Full-Day Ride: Embark on a journey from White Cap to Jordan Bowl for an immersive day-long skiing adventure.

  2. Shorter Rides: Enjoy quick, thrilling runs down the slopes of South Ridge for a burst of adrenaline.

Specific Spots for Different Age Groups:

Kids: The Perfect Turn Kids’ Center offers a safe and fun learning environment for children.

Teens: The challenging terrain parks and glades on Aurora Peak are perfect for adventure-seeking teens.

Seniors: Stick to the easier slopes on South Ridge, providing a scenic and leisurely experience.

All About Skiing at Sunday River - Before and After:

Stay: Opt for the Grand Summit Hotel for ski-in/ski-out convenience and luxurious amenities.

Park: Make use of the ample parking spaces at the South Ridge Lodge for convenient access.

Lift Passes: Purchase multi-day passes for the best value and to explore the entire resort.

Rent Gear: Head to the Sunday River Sports for top-notch equipment rentals suitable for all skill levels.

Eat: Indulge in local cuisine at Sliders, a popular spot for après-ski dining with a diverse menu.


Drink: Sip on a “Maine Mule” at the Foggy Goggle for a refreshing local twist on a classic cocktail.

Relax After Ski: Unwind at the Jordan Spa for a rejuvenating post-skiing massage or spa treatment.

Party: Join the lively atmosphere at the Matterhorn Ski Bar for après-ski celebrations.

See: Don’t miss the stunning views from the top of the Chondola, accessible year-round.

Go with Kids or Teens: The mountain coaster at the South Ridge offers thrilling entertainment for all ages.

Best Location for Photos: Capture the breathtaking sunset views from the summit of North Peak.

Must Visit for Seniors: Explore the Bethel Historical Society for a glimpse into the region’s rich history.

Shopping: Browse the Sunday River Sports for ski gear, apparel, and local souvenirs.

Souvenirs: Bring home a handcrafted ornament from the Sunday River Pottery Studio as a unique memento.

Lessons for All Ages and Levels.
YES! You can be absolutely UNSTOPPABLE on skis. By learning this system, you are going to take out frustration, the slow-trick learning, and the mediocrity

Skiing is one of the most amazing sports in the world!

Do you want to effortlessly fly down slopes through powder? Ski Lessons of Sunday River teaches the 10-Point Learning System. This is the fastest step-by-step system out there. A system recommended by the U.S. -Russian Consulate General.

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Experience the thrill of an experienced skier.
Are you Ready to Have a Blast!?

What a Beginner Will Learn

  • How To Use The Board For Transportation
  • Basic Maneuvers (Powerslide, Grabbing an edge, Taking a Chairlift, )
  • Learn to Carve
  • Learn How To Balance
  • Downhill, Cruising, or Slalom
  • Downhill Safety

Sunday River Address

PO Box 450, Bethel, ME

We meet outside of the base lodge for your first lesson. When ready, we take you down your first beginner trail.

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Sunday River Investment: (Full equipment rental available)

 Private Lessons (Offered at Sunday River ) – From $87.50/Student/Lesson 
 Group Lessons From $69/Student/ Lesson

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