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Vermont: A Winter Wonderland for Skiing and Snowboarding Enthusiasts

Vermont’s allure for skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts lies in its charming landscapes and a winter season that typically spans from November to April. The state’s diverse terrain, featuring the majestic Green Mountains, caters to skiers and snowboarders of all levels. In comparison to resorts in other states, Vermont’s offerings stand out for their picturesque settings and a wide range of winter activities.

The Best Ski Resorts for Novices: "Slopes of Serenity"

  • Killington Resort: With its extensive beginner terrain and renowned ski school, Killington ensures a smooth introduction for novices.
  • Okemo Mountain Resort: Known for its gentle slopes and dedicated learning areas, Okemo is perfect for those taking their first turns.
  • Stratton Mountain Resort: Featuring a dedicated learning park and friendly instructors, Stratton provides a welcoming environment for beginners.
  • Mount Snow Resort: With its specially designed beginner areas, Mount Snow offers a comfortable setting for those new to winter sports.
  • Sugarbush Resort: Boasting a variety of beginner slopes and patient instructors, Sugarbush ensures an enjoyable learning experience.
  • Bromley Mountain: Renowned for its family-friendly atmosphere, Bromley caters to beginners with approachable slopes.

Our Clients


Transforming from a ski novice to conquering the slopes! Savannah’s ski journey reached new heights with personalized lessons from the certified Ski Instructor Michael B. at Mount Snow Resort (West Dover, VT). Now, she effortlessly glides down the scenic trails of Deer Run and Long John, turning her passion into a thrilling adventure!

The Most Inviting Ski Resorts for Intermediates: "Trails of Progress"

  • Stowe Mountain Resort: With a mix of challenging and intermediate runs, Stowe provides an exhilarating experience for intermediate skiers.

  • Smugglers’ Notch Resort: Known for its well-groomed blue runs and instructional programs, Smugglers’ Notch is ideal for intermediates.

  • Jay Peak Resort: Featuring a variety of blue and intermediate runs, Jay Peak offers a perfect playground for skiers looking to advance their skills.

  • Mad River Glen: Renowned for its diverse intermediate terrain, Mad River Glen caters to those seeking progression.

  • Killington Resort: With its challenging double black diamond runs, Killington is a haven for advanced skiers.
  • Sugarbush Resort: Renowned for its diverse expert terrain, Sugarbush provides exhilarating options for pro skiers.
  • Stowe Mountain Resort: Home to iconic expert runs, Stowe offers a challenging experience for seasoned skiers.
  • Jay Peak Resort: With its renowned gladed trails, Jay Peak caters to those seeking expert-level challenges.
  • Mad River Glen: Known for its strict no-snowboarding policy, Mad River Glen is a paradise for expert skiers.

Best Resorts for Snowboarders: "Shredding the Slopes"

  • Mount Snow Resort: With its terrain parks and halfpipes, Mount Snow is a snowboarder’s paradise.
  • Stratton Mountain Resort: Known for its top-notch terrain parks, Stratton provides an excellent snowboarding experience.
  • Okemo Mountain Resort: With varied terrain and a vibrant snowboarding community, Okemo is a top choice.

Best Resorts for Free Riders: "Untamed Territories"

  • Jay Peak Resort: Renowned for its off-piste opportunities, Jay Peak provides exhilarating options for free riders.
  • Mad River Glen: With its challenging backcountry areas, Mad River Glen allows free riders to explore untamed terrain.

Best Kids and Family-Friendly Resorts: "Snowy Playgrounds"

  • Smugglers’ Notch Resort: With a focus on family fun, Smugglers’ Notch offers a welcoming atmosphere for all ages.
  • Okemo Mountain Resort: Known for its family-friendly activities, Okemo provides a perfect family retreat.
  • Killington Resort: With a variety of family-oriented programs, Killington ensures an enjoyable experience for kids.

The Best Luxury Escapes: "Sumptuous Slopes"

  1. Stowe Mountain Resort: Combining luxury with world-class skiing, Stowe provides a high-end alpine retreat.

  2. Sugarbush Resort: With upscale accommodations and gourmet dining, Sugarbush offers a luxurious skiing experience.

  3. Jay Peak Resort: Featuring premium amenities and stunning views, Jay Peak caters to those seeking a lavish mountain getaway.

The Best Budget-Friendly Resorts: "Thrifty Trails"

  1. Bolton Valley: Known for its affordability without compromising on quality, Bolton Valley is a budget-friendly gem.

  2. Magic Mountain: Offering reasonable prices and a relaxed atmosphere, Magic Mountain is perfect for those on a budget.

  3. Middlebury Snow Bowl: Catering to budget-conscious skiers, Middlebury Snow Bowl provides an accessible and affordable experience.

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Less Crowded Resorts in Vermont: "Escape to Serenity"

  1. Bolton Valley: Known for its peaceful ambiance, Bolton Valley offers a tranquil escape from crowded slopes.

  2. Magic Mountain: Less crowded than some well-known resorts, Magic Mountain ensures a serene skiing experience.

  3. Middlebury Snow Bowl: With fewer visitors, Middlebury Snow Bowl provides a quieter alternative for those seeking solitude.

Best Resorts for Night Skiing and Nightlife: "Skiing Under the Stars"

  1. Bolton Valley: Offering night skiing sessions, Bolton Valley allows enthusiasts to hit the slopes after dark.

  2. Killington Resort: Known for its vibrant après-ski scene, Killington keeps the energy alive after the sun sets.

  3. Stowe Mountain Resort: With lively bars and night events, Stowe offers a vibrant nightlife experience.

Our Clients


Carving through Vermont’s pristine slopes with precision and joy! 🎿 26-year-old Caroline Cai from NYC enjoyed a private ski lesson at Killington Ski and Snowboard Resort, nestled in the heart of Vermont’s picturesque mountains. Guided by Pro Ski Instructor Joy M., Caroline relished the challenge of the Cruise Great Eastern run—the longest trail on the mountain. Reflecting on her experience, Caroline shares: ‘Choosing a ski instructor was a game-changer! Joy’s expertise made all the difference, allowing me to fully embrace Vermont’s stunning terrain. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to unlock the best of Vermont’s slopes.’

Tips on Securing Lift Passes: "Unlocking Mountain Magic"

Explore bundled passes like the Vermont Travel Pass for access to multiple resorts. Early-season passes often come with discounted rates and added perks.

Tips on Ideal Dates: "Navigating the Seasons"

For optimal conditions, plan visits between late December and early March. Avoid peak times like holidays for a more relaxed experience.

Learning Options: "Mastering the Mountains"

Private 1-on-1 Lessons:

  1. Pros: Personalized attention, tailored progression.

  2. Cons: Higher cost compared to group lessons.

Group Classes:

  1. Pros: Social environment, cost-effective, and the opportunity to learn alongside peers.

  2. Cons: Less individualized attention, fixed schedules.


  1. Pros: Intensive learning experience, camaraderie with fellow learners.

  2. Cons: Limited scheduling flexibility, may require a more extended time commitment.

In the diverse landscape of Vermont’s ski resorts, from family-friendly slopes to challenging expert terrain, there’s a perfect destination for every winter sports enthusiast. Remember to plan your trip in advance, especially for lessons, to ensure a seamless and enjoyable skiing or snowboarding experience in the Green Mountain State.

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