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The boys had a blast! Thank you, Instructor Ross S for teaching Connor & Taylor.” Beginer lessons taken at Steamboat Ski Resort, Steamboat Springs, CO

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5 yo after 3 hours lessons with Pro Instructor at Boyne Ski Mountain Resort at Boyne Falls, MI

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  • 15 years of Experience as a Ski School
  • Skier-owned and operated.
  • Ski lessons for all ages and all levels.
  • We are the only nationwide provider of ski lessons through our certified teachers.  (full-day of half-day lessons)

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Kids Ski Lessons

Kids as young as 3 years old can start their skiing experience with us!

Beginner Ski Lessons

Beginners are taught 1-on-1 and effortlessly in a safe and enjoyable lesson.

Adult & group Ski Lessons

All ages are taught at MySkiLessons. It’s never too late to learn.

Snowboard Lessons

MySkiLessons also offers qualified snowboard instructors, if you require one.

Some of Our Instructors



Experience - 15+ Years

Great for Families

Third season of ski instruction. First season snowboard instruction. PSIA Level 1 Alpine current. Attempting Level 1 Snowboarding Children’s Specialist Level 1 and Alpine Level 2.

Chrissy L

Experience - 11+ Years

Great for Kids and Teens

Chrissy is an experienced ski and snowboard Instructor. Her focus when teaching is building a solid skill set for the skiier or rider so that they have all of the tools and skills necessary to conquer advanced skills and terrain safely.


Kyle A

Experience - 7+ Years

Born to SKI, can teach anyone

Kyle is am a PSIA certified ski/snowboard instructor at Jackson Hole in Wyoming and Snowbird in Utah. He competed in Boardercross halfpipe and extreme competitions. He can teach steep powder riding cliff drops halfpipe boardercross jumps and up to 540’s in the half pipe.

Your First Turn Starts a Lifetime of Memories

During your ski lessons, we will make sure to capture you by photo and video, on your request.

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Skiing for the first time?
All answers to your questions
in the best tutorial "How to SKI"

No matter what kind of skiing you’re interested in learning – whether it’s alpine, freestyle, or nordic, as a beginner you want to start on a flat surface. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to tackle the slopes in no time! But first, you have to master the basics of movement, and get your body used to using skis.

Stabilize yourself with your ski poles. At first, you may feel a little unsteady, but don’t worry; you’ll be gliding like a natural in no time. Go slowly, and keep your skis parallel in front of you. This will help keep you going in a straight line.

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